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Crispy Aloo Tikki

by Dhal

A Popular Indian Street Food & Party Appetizer these mouth-watering Aloo Tikki filled are made with potatoes and Green Chili Peppers. Serve hot with a nice sweet and tangy chutney.

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Okay, let’s be honest for a moment… we would never be able to wait until the next party or for the next night out just to eat these delectable potato patties. I mean in one sitting we often find ourselves devouring a plateful of this amazing chat food. Yes… I did say plateful… luckily these are super easy and fast to make else we would have some problems…

There is also no single way to make Aloo Tikki, which means you will never run out of ideas or tastes. Even in India Aloo Tikki vary regionally. This dish is typically served with either a Tamarind Chutney or Channa Masala (Chickpea Curry).

We’ve toned down the spice level in this recipe but feel free to increase the number of Green Chilies, Garam Masala and even add in a pinch of Red Chili Powder. You’ll be crying with delight, it might be best to prepare some mango lassi on the side just to be safe.


5 Way to mix up your next batch of Aloo Tikki

  • Add 1 cup of loosely packed Spinach (Palak) – this will add a nice green color to your Aloo Tikki, and be a touch on the healthier side.
  • Mix in 125 grams of crumbled Paneer – This will make for a rich batch of Aloo Tikki.
  • Add ½ cup of Green Peas – Not only does this add a bit of texture it adds a bit of color as well.
  • Use as burger patties – Seriously, this one came to us when we ran out of veggie burgers. Just use a couple of these in place of burger patties, add your favourite toppings and you now have an amazing Aloo Tikki Burger.
  • Coat with Bread crumbs or Panko – This is one of my favourite alternatives, after you have battered the potato cutlets, roll them over in some bread crumbs or Panko before frying. Adds even more crisp & Crunch to them.

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